Crystal Chan

What is your favorite public health experience and why?

“One of my most favorite public health experiences is getting to work with the Asian community and being able to help Cantonese and Mandarin speaking patients with language barriers in healthcare.

I grew up in a medically underserved region with immigrant parents who speak very little English. Seeing their struggles in gaining adequate access to healthcare in California made me realize the need for more medical providers and resources who can represent and advocate for underserved communities. Being able to actively use my Cantonese and Mandarin language skills during my patient encounters showed me how big of a role language plays in educating and promoting individual and community health as a whole.

Working as a medical assistant in family medicine, I am honored to help the healthcare team educate patients and their families regarding the importance of preventative health, annual wellness exams, and healthy lifestyle changes that will benefit themselves and their communities. I am excited and honored to become a future physician associate (PA) who can provide medical care to patients, advocate for underserved communities, and promote public health in a variety of healthcare settings.

Thank you @bayareapublichealth for letting me share my public health experience and story! If you have any questions or want to know more about my experience, feel free to message me or follow me at @crystalthepa :)”

Instagram: @crystalthepa

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