Sushmita Majumdar

What is your favorite public health experience and why?

“One of my most memorable public health experiences was during my internship in India, where I had the opportunity to educate villagers on the dangers of tobacco use and oral cancer.”

What is your proudest public health moment and why?

“I felt a great sense of pride in my public health work when I provided support and education to women in a rural Indian village, helping them gain a better understanding of their health issues and empowering them to take action to improve the health of themselves and their families.”

What has been your most challenging public health experience and why?

“One of the most difficult public health experiences I faced was working with elderly cancer patients who had developed oral cancer as a result of tobacco use. The biggest challenge I encountered was shifting their attitudes and perceptions about smoking, tobacco, and alcohol.”

Why do you care about public health?

“I am deeply invested in public health because I have witnessed the consequences of poor health on individuals and communities. In India, I saw how preventable diseases like tuberculosis and malaria could devastate vulnerable populations. Additionally, I believe that public health interventions can help to achieve health equity and promote social justice, by addressing the root causes of health disparities. Finally, I am passionate about public health because it requires collaboration across multiple disciplines and sectors to develop effective interventions that can improve the health and well-being of people around the world.”

What is your public health story?

“As a Masters student in Public Health with a background in dentistry in India, my interest in public health grew from my experiences seeing the impact of poor oral health on individuals and communities. I became passionate about improving health outcomes through preventive measures and community-based interventions. Pursuing a Master’s in Public Health at USC has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the social determinants of health, the importance of health equity, and the need for multidisciplinary approaches to address complex public health challenges.”

What public health advice would you like to give?

“My advice for promoting better public health would be to focus on preventive measures and community-based interventions like focusing on healthy behaviors and lifestyles. This includes raising awareness about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and drug use, promoting regular exercise and healthy eating habits, and encouraging good oral hygiene practices.”

Anything else you’d like to share?

“I’d like to share that my passion for public health has landed me in USA and I aim to work towards my goals and continuously looking for opportunities around me. As a past dentist and current public health professional I’m curious to learn and explore my boundaries and want to work more towards tobacco control and diseases related to it.”


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