Vasundhara Mehta

What is your public health story?

“I am an international student and I received my undergraduate doctor of medicine degree from India. I also served as an officer in the Army Medical Corps of India. I moved to the United States two years ago to pursue public health in the hope of expanding my outreach to the community as well as providing individual care. I am deeply passionate about maternal and child health issues and global health. As a public health advocate I want to make a difference through research that carves out sustainable recommendations and generate motivation and solid mentorship for the incoming international healthcare professionals. I would like to thank Bay Area Public Health for letting me share my story! I hope this inspires other physicians to pursue public health and help in creating healthier and safer communities around the world!”

What public health advice would you like to give?

“As an immigrant, it is hard to acclimatize in a new country. However, with true self belief, conviction, and a never ending quest to learn you can make any difficult situation turn into your favor! I also believe San Jose State University gave me the right platform to experience diversity and inclusivity and to enhance my skill set. I would also love to thank all my lovely professors, Marcelle Dougan, Kathleen Roe, Kevin Roe, Vicky Gomez, and Michael Harvey who have been so inspirational, motivating, and guiding us all through even during the transition to a virtual learning environment!”

  • Contact Information:
    • Instagram: @mehtavasundhara
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