Connie Tran

Why do you care about public health?

“Public health focuses on prevention which is so critical to promote and protect the health of people and the communities where they live, work, and play. I don’t think we take a lot of preventative measures in our society. A lot of health issues that could be prevented are often addressed too late with a reactive approach vs. a proactive approach. Investing in public health and preventative measures helps promote wellness and healthy behaviors, can help track disease and outbreaks (like right now in the midst of a pandemic), and shed light on why some people are affected from poor health in comparison to others.”

What is your public health story?

“Health has always been a priority and important part of my life. When I say health, I mean all aspects of health from a holistic perspective. I strongly believe physical, mental, emotional, and community health are all connected. One quote from a teacher from college has always stuck with me which is “your zip code will determine the circumstances of your life and how long you live.” I believe everyone should have access to resources that allow them to live a healthy and happy life from clean water, free of air pollution, safe green spaces to play, etc. I’ve worked in the public health field for the last 8 years from the nonprofit world and now the government world, but the goal remains the same to protect the public.”

What public health advice would you like to give?

“You need to advocate for your own health as much as the public. Those who start a career in public health are often very compassionate, have big hearts, and will go above and beyond to better the health of the communities they serve. I truly believe you can’t give it your all without prioritizing yourself first. You really can’t pour from an empty cup!”


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